adjective belonging to ceto, mental (opp. kāyika physical). Kāyikaṃ sukhaṃ → cetasikaṃ s. AN.i.81; SN.v.209; kāyikā darathā → c. d. MN.iii.287, MN.iii.288; c. duk khaṃ DN.ii.306; AN.i.157; c. roga Ja.iii.337. c. kamma is sīla 8–⁠10 (see under cetanā) Ne.43
■ As n combined with citta it is to be taken as supplementing it, viz. mind & all that belongs to it, mind and mental properties, adjuncts, co-efficients (cp. vitakka-vicāra sach compounds as phalâphala, bhavâbhava) DN.i.213; see also citta. Occurring in the Nikāyas in sg. only, it came to be used in pl. and, as an ultimate category, the 52 cetasikas, with citta as bare consciousness, practically superseded in mental analysis, the 5 khandha-category See Cpd. p. 1 and pt. II. Mrs. Rh. D., Bud. Psy. 6 148, 175. -cetasikā dhammā Pts.i.84; Vb.421; Dhs.3 Dhs.18, etc. (cp. Dhs. trsl. pp. 6, 148).