adjective firm, strong, solid; steady, fast nt. adv. very much, hard, strongly DN.i.245; SN.i.77; AN.ii.33; Snp.321 (nāvā), Snp.357, Snp.701, Snp.821 (˚ṃ karoti to strengthen), Snp.966 (id.); Dhp.112; Ja.ii.3; Ja.iv.106; Dhp-a.iv.48; Kp-a.184; Vv-a.212 (= thira); Pv-a.94, Pv-a.277 daḷhaṃ (adv.) Dhp.61, Dhp.313.

  • -dhamma strong in anything, skilled in some art proficient SN.ii.266 = AN.ii.48 (of an archer); MN.i.82; Ja.vi.77; Vv.63#1 acc. to Trenckner, Notes p. 60 (cp also Vv-a.261) = dṛḍha-dhanva, from dhanu = having a strong bow;
  • -nikkama of strong exertion Snp.68 (= Cnd.294);
  • -parakkama of strong effort, energetic MN.ii.95; AN.ii.250; Dhp.23; Thig.160;
  • -pahāra a violent blow Ja.iii.83;
  • -pākāra (etc.) strongly fortified SN.iv.194
  • -bhattin firmly devoted to somebody Dhs-a.350.

Sk. dṛḍha to dṛhyati to fasten, hold fast; *dhergh, cp. Lat. fortis (strong). Gr. ταρφύς (thick) Lith. dir̃žas (strap). For further relations see Walde Lat. Wtb. under fortis