1. (nt.) the fact or the state of going, movement, journey, walk; (-˚) striving for, the leading of, pursuit AN.ii.48 sq. (gamanena na pattabbo lokass’ anto = one cannot walk to the end of the world); Dhp.178 (saggassa going to heaven); Snp.40, Snp.691, cp. vāraṃ˚; Ja.i.62; Ja.i.216 (in expl. of vihaṃgama: (ākāse) gamanato pakkhī vihaṃ gamā ti vuccanti); Ja.i.295; Pv-a.57
    ■ pahiṇa˚ going on messages DN.i.5, etc.; agati˚ wrong pursuit, ˚ṃ gacchati to pursue a wrong walk of life AN.ii.18; Pv-a.161; magga tramping, being on the road Pv-a.43; saraṇa˚ finding shelter (in the Dhamma) Pv-a.49.
  2. (adj.) (-˚) going or leading to, conducive to: nibbāna˚ maggo the Path leading to Nibbāna SN.i.186; Dhp.289; duggati˚ magga the road to misery Thig.355; duggamana-ṭṭhānā (pl. inaccessible places Pv-a.102 (in expl. of duggā).
  • -antarāya an obstacle to one’s departure Ja.i.62
  • -āgamana going & coming, rise and set Vv.83#6 (= ogamanuggamana Vv-a.326); Dhp-a.i.80 (˚kāle); ˚sampanna senāsana a dwelling or lodging fit for going and coming, i.e. easily accessible AN.v.15; Ja.i.85; ˚ṃ karoti to go to and fro Vv-a.139.
  • -kamma going away Dhp-a.ii.81.
  • -kāraṇa a reason for or a means to going, in ˚ṃ karoti to try to go Ja.i.2;
  • -bhāva the state of having gone away Ja.ii.133;
  • -magga (pleonastic) the way Ja.i.202; Ja.i.279;
  • -vaṇṇa the praise of his course or journey Ja.i.87.