whip Vin.i.99 (in Uddāna); MN.i.87, etc.; Dhp.143; Mil.197
-kasāhi tāḷeti to whip lash, flog as punishment for malefactors here, as well as in Niraya (see kamma-karaṇā) MN.i.87 = AN.i.47 AN.ii.122, etc.; Pv-a.4 (of a thief scourged on his way to the place of execution); Dhp-a.ii.39 (id.).

  • -niviṭṭha touched by the whip, whipped Dhp.144 (= Dhp-a.iii.86);
  • -pahāra a stroke with the whip, a lash Ja.iii.178;
  • -hata struck with the whip, scourged Vin.i.75; Vin.i.91 = Vin.i.322; Sdhp.147.

Vedic kaśā