kettle-drum (of large size; Dhs-a.319 distinguishes 2 kinds: mahā˚ & paṭaha˚ DN.i.79; AN.ii.185; Vv.81#10;; Dhp-a.i.396; Sdhp.429
issara˚; the drum of the ruler or lord Ja.i.283 paṭaha˚; kettle-drum Dpvs.16, 14; Dhs-a.319; Pv-a.4 yāma˚; (-velāya) (at the time) when the drum sounds the watch Ja.v.459
■ bheriṃ vādeti to sound the drum Ja.i.283
■ bheriyo vādentā (pl.) beating (lit. making sound) the drums Ja.ii.110. bheriñ carāpeti to make the drum go round, i.e. to proclaim by beat of drum Ja.v.41;

  • -caraṇa the carrying round of the drum (in proclamations), in compounds ˚magga the proclamation road Dhp-a.ii.43; &
  • -vīthi id. Dhp-a.ii.45.
  • -tala the head of the drum Vism.489 (in comparison); Vb-a.80 (id.)
  • -paṇava drum & tabor (in battle) AN.ii.117.
  • -vāda drum-sound, fig. for a loud voice Pv-a.89 (bherivādena akkosati rails like drum).
  • -vādaka a drummer Ja.i.283
  • -saññā sign of the drum Dhp-a.i.396.
  • -sadda sound of the drum Ja.i.283.

cp. Epic Sk. bherī