garland, wreath, chaplet; collectively = flowers; fig. row, line Snp.401; Pp.56 Vism.265 (in simile); Pv.ii.3#16 (gandha, m., vilepana as a “lady’s” toilet outfit); Pv.ii.4#9 (as one of the 8 or 10 standard gifts to a bhikkhu: see dāna, deyyadhamma & yañña); Pv-a.4 = Ja.iii.59 (ratta- kaṇavera˚ a wreath of red K. flowers on his head: apparel of a criminal to be executed. Cp. ratta-māla-dhara wearing a red garland Ja.iii.179, an ensign of the executioner); Pv-a.51 Pv-a.62
asi ˚-kamma the sword-garland torture (so correct under asi!) Ja.iii.178; Dāvs iii.35; dīpa˚; festoons of lamps Mhvs.5, Mhvs.181; Mhvs.34, Mhvs.77 (˚samujjota); nakkhatta˚; the garland of stars Vv-a.167; puppha˚; a garland or wreath of flowers Mhvs.5, Mhvs.181
■ On mālā in similes see J.P.T.S. 1907, 123. In compound māla˚; sometimes stands for mālā˚.

-kamma garland-work, garlands, festoons Vv-a.188 -kāra garland-maker, florist, gardener (cp. Fick, Sociale Gleiderung 38, 182) Ja.v.292; Mil.331; Dhp-a.i.208, Dhp-a.i.334; Vv-a.170, Vv-a.253 (˚vīthi). -kita adorned with garlands wreathed Vin.i.208. -guṇa “garland-string,” garlands a cluster of garlands Dhp.53 (= mālā-nikaṭi “makeup” garlands Dhp-a.i.419; i.e. a whole line of garlands made as “ekato-vaṇṭika-mālā” and “ubhato-v
■ m., one & two stalked g., cp. Vin.iii.180). mālā guṇaparikkhittā one adorned with a string of gs., i.e. a marriageable woman or a courtesan MN.i.286 = AN.v.264 -guḷa a cluster of gs., a bouquet Vin.iii.139; Snp-a.224; Vv-a.32, Vv-a.111 (variant reading guṇa). -cumbaṭaka a cushion of garlands, a chaplet of flowers Dhp-a.i.72. -dāma a wreath of flowers Ja.ii.104. -dhara wearing a wreath Ja.iii.179 (ratta˚, see also above). -dhārin wearing a garland or wreath (on the head) Pv.iii.1#1 (kusuma˚; variant reading BB ˚bhārin); Pv-a.169 (variant reading ˚bhārin); f. dhārinī Vv.32#3 (uppala˚, of a Petī. See also bhārin). -puṭa a basket for flowers Dhp-a.iii.212. -bhārin wearing a wreath (chaplet) [the reading changes between ˚bhārin ˚dhārin; the BSk. prefers ˚dhārin, e.g. Mvu.i.124 & ˚dhāra at Divy.218] Ja.iv.60, Ja.iv.82; Ja.v.45; Pv-a.211 (variant reading ˚dhārin); f. -bhārinī Ja.iii.530; Vv-a.12; & bhārī Thag.459 (as variant reading; T. reads ˚dhārī). Cp. ˚dhārin -vaccha [vaccha here = vṛḳṣa] a small flowering tree or plant, an ornamental plant Vin.ii.12; Vin.iii.179; Vism.172 (variant reading ˚gaccha); Dhp-a.ii.109 (q.v. for expln: taruṇarukkha-puppha).

cp. Epic Sk. mālā