adjective shining, bright, beautiful DN.i.76 = DN.ii.13 = MN.iii.102; Dhs.250; DN-a.i.221; auspicious, lucky, pleasant Snp.341; Iti.80 good Snp.824, Snp.910; subhato maññati to consider as a good thing Snp.199; Ja.i.146; cp. SN.iv.111; (nt.) welfare good, pleasantness, cleanliness, beauty, pleasure
■ vasena for pleasure’s sake Ja.i.303, Ja.i.304; asubha anything repulsive disgusting or unpleasant SN.i.188; SN.v.320; subhâsubha pleasant and unpleasant Mil.136; Ja.iii.243 (niraya = subhānaṃ asubhaṃ unpleasant for the good C.); cp. below subhāsubha.

-aṅgana with beautiful courts -āsubha good and bad, pleasant & unpleasant Dhp.409 = Snp.633.; -kiṇṇa the lustrous devas, a class of devas DN.ii.69; MN.i.2. MN.i.329 MN.i.390; MN.iii.102; AN.i.122; Ja.iii.358; Kv.207; also written ˚kiṇha AN.ii.231, AN.ii.233; AN.iv.40, AN.iv.401; Vism.414, Vism.420 sq. Vb-a.520; Kp-a.86. -gati going to bliss, to heaven Mhvs.25, Mhvs.115. -ṭṭhāyin existing or remaining, continuing in glory DN.i.17; DN-a.i.110; AN.v.60. -dhātu the element of splendour SN.ii.150. -nimitta auspicious sign auspiciousness as an object of one’s thought MN.i.26; AN.i.3, AN.i.87, AN.i.200; SN.v.64, SN.v.103; Vism.20. -saññā perception or notion of what is pleasant or beautiful Ne.27 Opp. asubhasaññā concept of repulsiveness AN.i.42 AN.ii.17; AN.iii.79; AN.iv.46; AN.v.106. See asubha
■ saññin
considering as beautiful AN.ii.52.

Vedic śubhas fr. subh; cp. sobhati