ploughed, tilled Snp.80; Mil.255; Pv-a.45, Pv-a.62. a˚ untilled, unprepared Anvs.27. su˚ well-ploughed AN.i.229; Mil.255.

Sk. kṛṣṭa, pp. of kasati, cp. kiṭṭha


adjective bad, useless: see kaṭṭhaka2. Only in compounds; perhaps also in pakaṭṭhaka.

  • -aṅga pithless, sapless, of no value (of trees) Ja.ii.163; Dhp-a.i.144.
  • -mukha “with the injurious mouth,” a kind of snake Dhs-a.300.

Sk. kaṣṭa



  1. a piece of wood, esp. a stick used as fuel, chips, firewood SN.i.168 = Snp.462; MN.i.234 (+ kaṭhala); Pv-a.256 (+ tiṇa). In phrase “sattussada sa-tiṇa-kaṭṭh’ odaka sa-dhañña” (densely populated with good supply of grass, firewood, water, and corn) in ster. description of a prosperous place (cp. Xenophon’s πόλις οἰκουμένη εὐδαίμων καπόλις οἰκουμένη εὐδαίμων και μεγάλη) DN.i.87, DN.i.111, etc. Both sg (coll.) & pl. as “sticks” DN.ii.341, esp. in phrase kaṭṭhaṃ phāleti to chop sticks Vin.i.31; Snp.p.104; Ja.ii.144; Pv.ii.9#51 (= Pv-a.135), or k˚ṃ pāteti (phāṭeti = phāleti See pāteti) MN.i.21. Frequent also in similes: MN.i.241 MN.ii.93 = MN.iii.95 (alla k.); MN.iii.242 = SN.ii.97 = SN.iv.215 SN.v.212 (dve k.); AN.iii.6 (+ kaṭhala); AN.iv.72 (+ tiṇa), AN.i.124 = Pp.30, Pp.36 (+ kaṭhala).
  2. a piece of stick used for building huts (wattle and daub) MN.i.190.
  3. a stick, in avalekhana˚; (for scraping) Vin.ii.141, Vin.ii.221 and in danta˚; a tooth-pick Vv-a.63, etc. (see danta)
  4. (adj.) in compounds = of wood, wooden.
  • -aggi wood-fire, natural fire AN.iv.41, AN.iv.45, enumerated last among the 7 fires.
  • -atthaṃ for the purpose of fuel in phrase k. pharati to serve as fuel AN.ii.95 = SN.iii.93; Iti.90 = Ja.i.482.
  • -atthara a mat made of twigs (cp kaṭasāra) Ja.v.197, Also as -attharika (& ˚kā) Ja.vi.21; Dhp-a.i.135; f. at Ja.i.9; Ja.iv.329; Ja.vi.57.
  • -kaliṅgara chips and chaff Dhp-a.iii.122 (cp. k-khaṇḍa).
  • -khaṇḍa a piece of wood, splinter, chip, suggesting something useless trifling Dhp-a.i.321 (as expln of niratthaṃ va kalingaraṃ) Thag-a.284 (as expln of chuṭṭho kalingaraṃ viya).
  • -tāla a wooden key Vin.ii.148 (cp. Vin. Texts iii.162)
  • -tāḷa a w. gong Dhs-a.319.
  • -tumba a w. vessel Vin.i.205.
  • -aggi wood-fire, natural fire AN.iv.41, AN.iv.45, enumerated last among the 7 fires.
  • -puñja a heap of w. AN.iv.72; Ja.ii.327.
  • -phālaka wood-cutter Vism.413.
  • -bhatin a wood-cutter Dpvs.20, Dpvs.28, where given as a nickname of King Tissa.
  • -mañcaka a wooden bed Mil.366.
  • -maya wooden Vin.i.203; Ja.i.289 Ja.v.435.
  • -rūpa (& ˚ka) a w. figure, doll Ja.i.287.
  • -vāha a cartload of fire-wood SN.ii.84.
  • -vāhana riding on a faggot Ja.i.136.
  • -vipalāvita drifting wood Ja.i.326
  • -hatthin a w. elephant, built by order of King Caṇḍapajjota to decoy King Udena (cp. the horse of Troy Dhp-a.i.193.
  • -hāraka (f. ˚ikā) gathering fire-wood, an occupation of poor people MN.i.79; SN.i.180; Ja.i.134 Ja.ii.412; Ja.iv.148; Ja.v.417; Mil.331; Vism.120; Vv-a.173
  • -hārin = ˚hāraka Vin.iii.41; Ja.i.133 (title of Ja no.7 referred to at Dhp-a.i.349).

Brh. kāṣṭha, cp. Ohg. holz